Streamline management of the entire user identity lifecycle within your organization

This means from the moment a user joins your organization to their ongoing access and role changes, and finally to the secure and appropriate deactivation of their account when they depart.

Single Sign On
Single Sign-On
Streamline your user experience with single sign-in, offering easy and secure access across multiple platforms and services.
  • Single Sign-In Efficiency: Our solution simplifies access to multiple services with a single sign-in.
  • Centralized Authentication: Our centralized authentication streamlines navigation and access across your digital ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Security: Our platform ensures stronger security with a unified system for user authentication and access.
  • Simplified User Journey: Streamlined login enhances navigation and satisfaction across apps and services.
Organizational Structure
Adopt a dynamic organizational structure to streamline user management with organizational units and user groups for efficient role assignments and access control.
  • Dynamic Organizational Structure: Our platform boosts user management with a dynamic structure.
  • Organizational Units and User Groups: Leverage organizational units and user groups for real-world alignment.
  • Streamlined Role Assignments: This method simplifies role assignments and access control for more efficient user management.
  • Reflective of Organizational Structure: Our solution aligns user management with your organizational structure, enhancing efficiency.
Org Structure
User Management
User Management
Enhance user management efficiency by aligning your organizational structure with real-world needs, utilizing organizational units, user groups, and sub-organizations.
  • Unified Access Oversight: Our platform offers an efficient means to oversee user access through a unified dashboard.
  • Comprehensive Permission Management: Maintain a comprehensive permission overview, aligning with roles and responsibilities.
  • Enhanced Security:Our unified access management boosts security, minimizes errors, and protects privacy.
  • Seamless User Experience: Seamless user experiences ensure easy compliance and data privacy for organizations.
Group Management
Support for user grouping to align with your organization's operational structure, enabling users to be categorized based on their work processes.
  • Customized User Grouping: Our platform facilitates user grouping that aligns with your organization's operational dynamics.
  • Tailored User Organization: Users can be organized to mirror the specific workflows and structures within your company.
  • Streamlined Access Control: This feature streamlines access control, role assignments, and permissions, enhancing efficiency.
  • Harmonized User Management: Customization boosts user management, productivity, and security.
Group Management
User Management
Profile Management
Empower users with control over their data, offering them continuous access to their data and transaction history.
  • User Data Autonomy: We empower users to take control of their data, allowing them to manage and access it independently.
  • Transparency and Trust: This approach fosters transparency, trust, and accountability by giving users autonomy over their data.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Users make informed decisions, safeguarding their personal data.
  • Enhanced User Experience: This control boosts the user experience by prioritizing empowerment and privacy.
Re-usable Accounts
Accounts can be shared among individuals belonging to multiple organizations and applications, simplifying context switching and eliminating the need to remember multiple sets of credentials.
  • Re-usable User Accounts: Our system enables the reuse of user accounts across multiple organizations.
  • Seamless Context Switching: Switch easily between organizations without juggling multiple logins.
  • Time and Convenience Savings: This streamlined approach saves time and enhances user convenience.
  • Effortless Navigation: Effortless and secure, our login streamlines navigation for a hassle-free experience.
Re-Usable Accounts
User Invites-1
User Invites
Simplify the process of inviting new users to your organization by automatically placing them in the appropriate location based on their email address.
  • Automated User Onboarding: We streamline user onboarding by automating user placement based on email addresses.
  • Seamless Integration: Our system seamlessly assigns new users to the correct departments or teams.
  • Enhanced Productivity: This automation ensures new users have immediate access to essential resources, boosting productivity.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: Cut down on manual work, lower mistakes, and streamline the onboarding process for everyone involved.