The Metrics Matter platform is set to be released in Q1 2024.

Founded in 2023, Metrics Matter is set to play a pivotal role in the transformation towards a sustainable economy.

With a team of 20 FTE, we are diligently constructing the essential infrastructure to find, acquire, use, and share ESG data on an unprecedented scale.


Metrics Matter's partners are diverse, from start-ups to big tech, profit, or non-profit organizations. Some create state-of-the-art software that calculates a company's environmental footprint. Others build thorough databases to enable others to make intelligent decisions.

Metrics Matter's partners have one thing in common: they all understand that cold, complex numbers are necessary to achieve their idealistic vision of a sustainable society.


The impact of the data collected by our partners is maximized when aggregated and analyzed at a massive scale. At Metrics Matter, we help them to accomplish just that.

The legislation will require the exchange of metrics on an unprecedented scale. The new audience for ESG solutions and data is no longer the full-time consultant or matter expert; it's anyone with a stake in their company's environmental health, from top management to shareholder activists.



This paradigm shift comes with some previously unknown challenges, and we have founded Metrics Matter to help our partners address these.



MM ensures audiences find the solutions and data they need through a practical, pain-free process.



MM helps customers to innovate, developing new business models and payment structures that are successful.



MM reduces the time and complexity of working with different partners.



MM facilitates sharing, exchanging, and managing information at unprecedented scale levels.





Build customer loyalty by making your services easy to access and secure.



Organize your subscriptions by creating account hierarchies that you can use to model entire customer organizational charts and set billing preferences within them.



Use subscription billing to simplify the complex and costly payment plan management process.



Optimize, simplify, and secure complex payment processing with a symphony of resources that reaches your subscribers anywhere in the world.

About us

Our team

The founders and management team are uniquely positioned to facilitate this change. Each of them brings over 20 years of experience in online security and the development of mission-critical systems with highly sensitive, confidential data "processing millions of transactions per day."

A private equity firm acquired their last venture, and they want to apply their experience to positively impact society.

Company structure

Metrics Matter is founded on a new breed business concept, ensuring that our ‘impact first’ mentality perfectly aligns with traditional shareholder values.

We create impact through our partners and offer most of our services for free.

Metrics Matter is majority owned by a non-profit foundation to ensure that our financial success will positively impact society.


Bright for better

We believe our employees are the key to success. A high-quality, engaged team is critical for us to deliver on our mission. Therefore, we want to attract and retain the best talent. Are you an entrepreneur by nature who wants to make a difference?

Keep up with us

We want to hear from everyone. And that means everyone. Markets, movements, material suppliers, city planners, fashion brands, financial controllers, and curious individuals like us. And curious individuals, unlike us. We are here in person to learn, discuss and work together; let’s start a meeting.

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